We believe that there is a connection. An insight by Adi Gaskell captures why we have created WWI – he quotes a study from 2013 that demonstrated “women have as many ideas as men, but their ideas are often not taken seriously or listened to with the same attention as those of their male counterparts.” One of our goals is for women to be taken seriously as innovators and be most relevant convener of those conversations.

Our innovators span industry sectors from education, technology, biotechnology, arts, entertainment, non-profits, trade associations, and government agencies.

Our purpose is to spark collaboration with other innovative women, provide a forum where innovators can share their real stories, and inspire others along the way. We discuss new horizons and take deep dives into the discipline of innovation. We engage with some of the most renowned thought leaders across all sectors and invite you to join the conversation.


To inspire women who innovate and their organizations to take action and think differently about advancing women as mission critical to their growth and innovation success.



To unlock the leadership potential of women who innovate.



Gender parity is good for business. Understanding diverse points of view and approaches to leadership will influence and impact all those who lead transformative and innovative change in industry and society.

Our brand promise is to bring our community of innovators the most up-to-date information, spark collaboration, provide a forum where innovators can share their real stories, discuss new horizons, and take deep dives into the discipline of innovation.


  • Articles, case studies, e-book,pod casts, and videos exploring the discipline of innovation and engaging with with women through leaders and innovators from all industry sectors
  • Consulting,training,coaching, and mentoring on innovation,leadership, and culture change
  • Creating and innovation program design and facility for teams and organizations
  • Referrals and recommendations for qualified,talented women who would be eligible to serve in innovative leadership roles and speakers.
  • To learn more about our founding team, read Our Innovators.
  • We are embracing the challenging discipline of innovation, because innovation changes everything.please contact us for more information, to work with us, or to propose a collaboration.
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