There’ll come a writing phase where you have to defend the time, UNPLUG THE PHONE and put in the hours to get it done, JAMES TAYLOR

By LeAnna j Carey

In most cases change is imperceptible. Not so in the digital age; businesses are shifting to become more social at an unrelenting pace, and the pressure to keep up is overwhelming. Does this mean that you need to “be on” 100% like a Twitter feed, to be successful? No, you do not; we know that success comes from a lot of factors, and I would argue that giving 100% all the time is a sure path to failure for entrepreneurs and innovators. Leveraging social media to engage your brand with the market does not mean that you also need to “be on” – taking steps to unplug will move you toward success.

The real issue in the 100% factor is not that you must give 100%, but when to give your 100%. Think about it, no one can “be on” 100% of the time, even Sir Richard Branson (with his 4.5 M Twitter

Know When to Unplug

followers) needs to sleep. We all have the same 24 hours to balance work with mental breaks, time to let our guard down to be refreshed by family, friends, and moments to stop and reflect. Knowing when to turn on your 100% is not only a matter of time management, but also:

  • Setting priorities – are you scheduling time to rejuvenate? Are you getting derailed?
  • Flexibility – are you adaptable? Do you have any bandwidth?
  • Perceptiveness – can you see the trends will make your market?

Driving a product from an idea to market takes time and energy, and the last thing you need is getting stuck by mindlessness or mental burnout. Knowing when to put your foot on the gas, when to slow down, and when to put on the brakes will make you more effective and productive. Success stories are the result of knowing the right time and place to “be on” as opposed to becoming good at hiding burnout.

Here’s a tip: the brain resets itself during the night, so that you can wake up refreshed to not only process more information, but to learn and remember more. That constant flow of ideas that you can’t seem to manage will be more manageable if you take some time once and awhile for yourself! What do you think?